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Welcome to the PRoCuRe Study website.

The PRoCuRe Study has now come to a close.  Thank you to all who were involved or took part in the trial.

The PRoCuRe Study aims to assess if surgical repair of partial thickness tears of the rotator cuff tendon, in patients with pain despite physiotherapy, is effective.


The study is important because, even though rotator cuff problems are the most common cause of shoulder pain and disability, it remains unknown how best to treat them and whether surgery has any extra value. In particular, we don’t know if repairing partial tears prevents bigger full tears and worsening problems. Surgery for full tears is one of the most common shoulder operations in the UK. Prevention of full tears was identified as important by patients and doctors in the 2015 James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) for Surgery for Common Shoulder Conditions (4 of the top 10 priorities were about rotator cuff problems).

The main aim of this study is therefore to find out if repairing these partial tears is effective, provides lasting benefit and prevents bigger tears.

Our Progress: Randomisations

The PRoCuRe Study is now closed to recruitment.

The number of participants that have been randomised is shown below.

Recruitment Progress: